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Feb 20,March 20,April 17,May 15,June 19,July 17,Aug 21,Sept 18,Oct 16,Nov 20,Dec 18 All meetings begin at 6:30 PM at Gander Mountain(Meeting Room), Jonestown Road, Harrisburg, PA


Meeting Minutes:



Gander Mtn


Wed, Mar 20




120 min



1. General Discussion

Present were:

Martin Gutekunst

Sharon Linta

Steph Conelly

Jeanette Rowen

Rob Getz

Pam Getz

Margaret Getz

Tawni Weaver

2. Secretary's Minutes




 Minutes February 20th 2013.doc  Martin Gutekunst

3. Treasurer's Report


None available.

4. Visitors

No visitors this month.

5. TMI Drill

The lead will be called Tuesday night with deployment scheduled for sometime after 4 PM Wednesday evening.

Participants should plan for 5-6 hours for the drill.

The overall scenario was reviewd. Objectives of the exercise was reviewed. A listof volunteers fo rthe event was created.

6. Decon Training

Gene has requested a head count of people forthe April 27th decon training

Directive regarding radiation decon

From Joel

Good Morning. Over the past year or so there has been considerable discussion at the national and state level regarding the decontamination of animals after a having been exposed to radiation from an "event" causing a release of radiation into the atmosphere. Events could include accidents at nuclear power plants, terrorism caused explosions, or weather related catastrophes(Japan as an example).
Additionally, there has been some movement by FEMA to require the capability for such animal decontamination as part of the routine exercises required at all nuclear power plants. This is not yet a requirement for a variety of reasons, as I will cite below.
Further, here in Pennsylvania, several county EMA's have asked our CARTs to be prepared to decontaminate animals that may have had exposure to radiation from "events" as mentioned above.

There are many difficulties which present themselves to the organizations that respond to animal related emergencies, including PASART, as related to radiation decontamination.
Some of these difficulties include:
*There are no federal guidelines/standards on animal decontamination for radiation. This includes NO Standards on what is considered to be "clean" even after an animal has gone through a decontamination process. *There are no radiation monitors built specifically for assessing levels of radiation in animals.

It is questionable if radiation monitors built to be used on humans could be successfully used on animals. *There are no training programs available for the decontamination of animals for radiation. *There are no funds available to PASART for either training or equipment, even if the "clean" level guidance mentioned above would be forthcoming.
As a private non-profit, PASART has no responsibility for ensuring that such a program be implemented. Government agencies have such responsibilities.

At the national level, USDA and FEMA are working on the above difficulties. However, we do not know when these issues may be resolved. I would expect that it may be at least another couple of years before we see some definitive standards on the "clean" issue. It may take even longer to resolve implementation issues.

Further, even after all the relevant issues have been resolved, any role for PASART in such activities would need to be carefully discussed and a policy on same would need to be issued by our Board of Directors.

Given the above, all CARTs are advised that no CART may engage in radiological animal decontamination or training for same until such time as there is firm federal direction AND the PASART Board of Directors has issued a policy statement on same.

CART Coordinators are asked to share this email with their County EMA Coordinator.

7. Yahoo Group Replacement

Current email distribution was reviewed. Objections were raised for use with google in the future. A draft website from Jeannette was reviewed.

8. New Member Pipeline Process


New member document drafted by Sharon was mentioned.


 Dauphin CART New Member2.docx  Martin Gutekunst

9. Internal Training


DJeannette reported there will be pet first aid training on April 24th. Location to be determined. Minimum number of participants to be determined. Once these items are determined it will be advertised on the PASART website if appropriate.

10. Additional Training Requirements

 Distributed but not covered.

From Joel

Good Evening Again: As a follow up to my email below, be advised that the Board has not established a "deadline" for compliance with the new training requirement. Volunteers need to complete the training as soon as practical. Certainly, the new requirement puts a responsibility on PASART to offer training as often as we can afford. However, it also places a responsibility on our volunteers to make an extra effort to "get this training under their belt".

We will offer the course three or four additional times in 2013 in different regions of the state. We have already offered it in January in Beaver County in the western region and Pike County in the eastern region. The advertised class in Centre County is being funded by the South Central Mountain Task Force. So, six or seven classes in 2013 will allow for a substantial number of volunteers to complete the training. Each class can accommodate about 40-45 trainees.

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