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Operations and Training Officer
Jody Lair (
Phone: 814-355-6745


CART Coordinator

Jennifer Johnson (
PA Dept of Ag, Region 5 Office
Martinsburg Commons,
403 East Christiana Street,
Martinsburg, PA 16662
(work) (814) 793-1849
(cell) 717-443-1181
(home) 814-692-4232

Next meeting:

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 7:00PM
Mount Nittany Medical Center
Conference Room #1

Meeting Minutes:

Centre County Animal Response Team
Mount Nittany Medical Center
Monday, February 23, 2015 – 7:00 p.m.


In Attendance:

Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Zajaczkowski, Mary Anslinger, Jody Lair, Mary Wodecki, Nancy Dreschel, Brenda Coe


Old Business – Prior Assignments:

  • Carol – Modified version of horse preparedness cards to be laminated.  Is Penn Ag OK for us to modify?
  • Mary W – Print shelter signs on colored paper and laminate
  • Nancy – Rescue tags and ratchet straps for 2 small animal rescue glides (dimensions 48 inches long x 19 ¾ inches wide)
  • Brenda – Fire Halters
  • David – Dry erase board(s)
  • Joe – Tennis balls from CPHS
  • Annie – List of pet-friendly hotels in Centre County for emergency situations
  • Jenn – Paperwork to Ashley

General / Miscellaneous:

  • Jenn purchased colored tab-band paper collars, 10” and 20” styles, to identify animals.  She is also purchasing corresponding colored paper to use as cage cards.  Colors will be used as follows:  Red – aggressive; Orange – contaminated; White – clean / general use; Yellow – senior / special needs; Green – cats.
  • After these purchases, have approximately $629 in the general fund.
  • Randy Rockey retired 1/16/15.  He will still teach some classes.  Randy’s job is posted for a replacement.  Jody Lair is handling call in the interim.
  • Some CART members need updated identification badges.  Jody requested that we complete this project in May 2015.
  • Jody confirmed that snow has been plowed from the front doors of the storage shed.
  • Jody will forward e-mail from Task Force to Jenn regarding CART equipment, i.e. whether items need repaired or discarded.
  • Dave Wolfgang could not respond to the last CART call.  He requested that we possibly implement a one-call system to notify everyone of a call.  Instead of incurring additional cost through one-call, could we designate a CART member to call everyone?  (Jen Z?)
  • A Blair County CART call generated the question of whether we can assist with other counties’ calls.  Per PA SART, other 911 / EMA can activate CART, and Jody affirmed.
  • On March 19th, Jenn is trying to get into the Fire Chiefs’ meeting to educate about CART and SART, and to let them know about the upcoming LART training.
  • Jenn was informed that we will not be charged for One-Call service this year due to having call credits.
  • Joel Hersh informed Jenn that general liability insurance for SART is getting more expensive.  The costs for the 2015 policy have been covered.  In the future, CARTs will be asked to help pitch in to help defray those costs.
  • Jenn will make copies of the new animal shelter admin and discharge sheet and put in the trailer.
  • Robin – Animal Medical Center gave us some blankets that were donated from the hospital.  We will need to get storage tubs to store them.
  • Mary Wodecki will look into pricing and styles for new apparel (tee shirts, sweatshirts).
  • Discussion about “fire halters” for horses, i.e. modifying lead to be quick-release.  Jen Z will try to get donations for leather halters. 
  • Discussion about strapping for small animal rescue glides.  Looked at 2” strapping, cost to supply one glide approx. $20.  Suggested trying one to start.
  • Jen Z will reach out to 4H Penn State Extension to either donate supplies or help make something for CART.
  • Ideas for goody-bag project: Fire safety for barns / horses; cards with information about ticks; ID tags (Jenn will check with Campbell’s on pricing.); pet poison control magnets (Nancy will research.); dog body language / how to greet a dog that Ashley provided (Nancy will review.), what about cats?  Goal is to assemble materials at 4/6/15 CART meeting.
  • Jenn brought information about a donation opportunity through Centre Foundation,  Mary Anslinger took the information to complete and submit.
  • Jenn may be able to obtain donations of long-handled tools from Tractor Supply.  There are a number of other supplies for which we could request donations (orange safety cones, trash cans, totes, large dog bowls, harnesses, etc.) Jenn will e-mail the members with a list of supplies needed, and she could use assistance from the group approaching businesses such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, etc.


Training / Events:

  • Training that was scheduled 2-28-3/1/15 was postponed and will be rescheduled.
  • Horse World / Pet Expo is in Harrisburg 3/5-3/6/15.  For CART members who are attending, please scope out vendors for anything we can use in our “goodie bags” to hand out at events.
  • LART training: LART I 3/13-3/15/15, LART II 3/27-3/29/15, deadline to register is 3/1/15.  Classes are free to CART members.  There will possibly be another training later in the year.
  • South Central Task Force is holding a Homeland Security Conference 3/24-3/27/15.  There are some animal-related topics.  The Conference is free to CART members.
  • Wild About Animals event is 4/4/15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Snider Ag Arena.  We will have a display board and handouts for attendees.
  • Our Task Force is holding a symposium on Thursday 7/30/15 at Raystown Lodge.  The tentative schedule includes Ag/CART case studies and is free to CART members.
  • Clean-up and organize day for CART trailers will be 5/9/15 from 9 a.m. to ??  Jenn will send an e-mail.
  • Jenn would like to schedule a training in June to coincide with CART’s 10-year anniversary.  A number of ideas were discussed, including: SART orientation; Glide rescue demonstration; Hazmat/ICS/NIMS refresher; table-top classes; handling exotic animals; how to handle rescues from livestock trailers; equine / large animal first aid.  Venue discussed was Grange Fairgrounds.  Date will be determined.  Please e-mail Jenn with additional ideas.
  • Next CART meeting is 4/6/15!

 Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by Mary Anslinger




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