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Centre CART participates in Ag Progress Days.

Centre CART has deployed a trailer and volunteers to Ag Progress Days to spread the word on animal preparedness.

Meeting Minutes:


Meeting Notes for the Centre County Animal Response Team

April 11, 2013 6:30pm

Robyn’s house (pot luck dinner and meeting)




  • Volunteers in attendance: Brenda Coe, Carolyn Burns, Jennifer Zajaczkowski, Annie Tubiolo, Mary Wodecki, Robyn Graboski, Betty Jo Houser, Jennifer Johnson
  • New volunteer Annie Tubiolo was introduced to the group – Annie only has her Hazmat Awareness training left to go before she is a Level 1 Service Volunteer
  • Our treasury balance is now $423.26 thanks to the hoagie sale and various donations
  • LART II class is scheduled for April 26 – 28th. This class is all technical experience only…no animal handling. Brenda and Jennifer Z gave a brief overview of what to expect. Please contact Davis Hill asap if you plan to attend. These classes will be offered a lot less than previous years due to lack of interest and funding. Dave will try to accommodate CARTs based on the demand for the classes.
  • The Disaster Sheltering for Companion Animal’s course is now a requirement of all service CART volunteers. The PA SART Board of Directors has not established a deadline for which volunteers must accomplish this, but rather within a timely manner. A reminder for anyone who took the class with me in March to get a copy of their certificate to me so that I can keep track of who took the class and when.
  • In response to the sheltering class, we have decided to put together our own Animal Sheltering kit that is complete with all the necessary forms we would need to start up a shelter, plus a few other things. Carolyn Burns and Mary Wodecki will start this project and then at the next meeting we will take a look at it and see what we want to add. I will compile all the signs and paperwork and put them in a handy tote that we can easily grab and go. If you would like to help Carolyn or Mary, please contact Robyn or myself.
  • We discussed the need to complete our Resource Volunteer list. Once upon a time, past volunteer Denyce Matlin started a list of hotels that would accept pets. Well that list never got completed since Denyce is no longer with our group. So we need to get a good current list together so that we could refer pet owners to these locations if needed. Annie Tubiolo has volunteered to start getting that list together and then she will eventually need help making the initial calls. If you can help Annie with this task, please email Robyn or myself. Robyn, Jennifer Z, and I will be contacting some other places that we previously have been meaning to follow-up on such as the Bald Eagle School District. If you know of a good reliable Resource Volunteer, please contact them and we can arrange for a meet and greet.
  • The South Central Mountains Counter Terrorism Task Force will be hosting a large scale exercise March/April 2014. The purpose of the exercise is for all the emergency response groups to come together and work with each other. Surrounding CARTs will be invited. The three areas that CARTs will be evaluated on will be: communication, sheltering, and small animal decontamination. Beginning in August or September of this year, the task force will start scheduling table top exercises in preparation for this large scale exercise. CARTs will be invited to participate. Based on those items to be evaluated on, I/we will plan our exercises and trainings mostly around those 3 core areas. Stay tuned for more information on that.
  • I applied for a $1,000.00 grant from our local Wal-Mart. I won’t know the outcome of that grant for a while, like quite possibly until the end of the year. If it is denied, we can always re-apply.
  • This year’s Ag Progress Days is scheduled for August 13 – 15th. I would like to put together some items so that we could sell/accept a donation for in order to raise some money for the treasury. I’m waiting to hear back on obtaining some stickers for your refrigerator that warns pet owners about various toxins. Other items will be useful to put in the “kit” to sell/donate. So if you know of something please contact me. I can explain it better on the phone or show you if there is confusion.
  • There have been some recent changes to the PA SART website that better direct you to the necessary trainings. They are now under the Training Opportunities button instead of Getting to know us.
  • At the very end of the meeting, I briefly talked about copying a useful handout that was originally developed by Westmoreland CART. More on that later.
  • Since the departure of Denyce Matlin, we needed to re-assign a new Safety Officer. Karen Kuhn has volunteered to be that such person. Annie Tubiolo may later decide to be “second in command”
  • Lastly, I talked about when the best time would be to schedule trainings and exercises. Would most of you prefer a  2 -3 hour event on a week night during the summer or a weekend morning/afternoon event?


Latest News/ March 2013:
Centre CART Hosts American Humane Disaster Sheltering Training

Recently, with funding from the South Central Mountain Task Force, Centre CART members hosted other CARTS at a training in Companion Animal Disaster Sheltering in State College. Shown below are  members of the Centre CART.

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